Description of Products

952 forecourt brush952: Forecourt jetwash Brush
Specially designed and manufactured for use with forecourt washing equipment, the extra length super soft hog hair bristle is set into a unique epoxy resin base within the moulded rubber head. This eliminates the traditional wire staples and retains the bristle firmly in place when used with high pressure systems. The moulded head is made from finest quality “neoprene” rubber which is resistant to attack from both oil and chemical based cleaning agents.


951/M: Major Wash Brush Nylon fill

 a listaflex washerA quality brush of well constructed and proven durability, incorporating “double flagged” soft nylon bristle, which will withstand temperatures up to 100°c. A tough yet forgiving moulded rubber back allows efficient and safe application on vehicle bodywork without risk of damage due to carless handling. This product comes complete with jetwash handpiece for hosing down.


95162G/95132G: Extension handles
extension handlesConstructed in lightweight but durable aluminium, incorporating non corrosive brass fittings, and rubber grips placed for ease of use, these extension handles are compatible with all our brush range. These handles are also interchangeable allowing the user to work at any height required. Highly recommended for all commercial vehicles.



We have a comprehensive accessories range to compliment our products which consists of:

  • Replacement bristles for the Major Brush Range (Nylon or Hair Fillings)
  • 3’ & 6’ Aluminium Extension Handles with 2 rubber grips
  • Jet wash handpiece


Valeting Range
937: Move It Brush
Allows the user to reach those awkward and inaccessible areas, down the sides of car seating and dashboard consoles. Dislodges and lifts out dust and particles in dust vents and side pockets.

938; Alloy Spokes Brush
This conical-shaped head effectively cleans between spokes and other areas, the tough bristles easily remove stubborn dirt and grease.